How Severe is this Cherry Disease?

We have had a wet, foggy, and cloudy last month of weather here on coastal California. I’m not sure if that’s what is causing this sudden change in my cherry trees, but that’s about when I noticed red spots on most leaves. Any clues on which type of cherry disease this is?

I quickly sprayed a fungicide spray I had in my greenhouse on the trees and noticed some leaves turning bright colors and eventually dropping off.

This is a freshly planed (January 2021) bare root fruit tree. It was growing great with tons of new growth before summer. My question now is will this tree make it in the long run? Should I have just sprayed sooner? Or should I rip it out now and plant a tree that’s sure to grow in my area (apples, figs, plums).

Cherry leaf spot. Keep it sprayed to bottle instructions and It should survive and do much better next year.

Will do. Thank you so much!

I live in Sebastopol and am a lot colder that you. My thoughts on cherries - Is your variety self fertile? What is the chill reequirement for it and what chill do you get in your 9b zone. Cheries are not the best choice for us but sometimes do ok. I have lost several trees to bacterial canker but that seems to be endemic in western Sonoma county. I have 2 surviving sweet cherries and a few small sour cherries. I have never had the cherry leaf spot and never had to spray for fungus diseases.

I love the Sabastopol area! Glad to see some true Northern-California folks on here :slight_smile:

I have two cherries that cross pollinate, both with the same issue. I attempted to choose cherries with low-chill hours and that have been proven in the local area. Both cherries are grown in some neighborhoods of arcata, just a few miles from where our property is located.

I had assumed it would be a tough fight to grow these cherries, so I won’t be too sad if they have to go, but definitely want to give it my best shot!