How to find weather records for your city

The following weather link will show you how to find the high and low temperatures for your town every day for the last how many years. For instance how cold did it get in 2022 in your town? This link will be for my area in SE Montana: Climate Nr 1) is the location. If you are from Billings, you click onto Billings, or scroll down to find your town. 2) Product: Choose Daily Data for a month. 3)Options: After the date is a very small calendar. Click onto that. Obtain the month and year you choose. 4)Then hit the “Go”. You will notice the byz at the end of the address bar. That is for my area in SE Montana. To find the three digits for your area, go to: List of National Weather Service Weather Forecast Offices - Wikipedia (and erase the byz and insert your three letters for your area.)

Once you are done with a page that lists the highs and lows for a month and want to start over again with another month, click onto the “X” at the upper right corner, and you can choose another month.


a great resource. ive been using them for years for weather too.


This is another good one, you can get the data as a spreadsheet so you can import into Excel or Google sheets and produce line charts or summary tables:

You just add each dataset you want to your cart (knowing the weather station ID helps, e.g. KSEA is the Seattle-Tacoma airport station, which is the official one for Seattle), then give your email address and they send you a download link. Use the CSV option (not PDF) if you want to import into a spreadsheet app.

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