How To Force Early Fruiting?

I am growing fruit trees ( plums (some from plumcots) / peaches ) from seeds. Is it possible to force early fruiting to reduce the time to determine whether the fruit is good?

Young fruit trees in nurseries often have a few pieces of fruit on them, but after planting may not grow fruit for another year or two.

Will the following help in gaining fruit earlier than usual, and what is your advice?

-Keeping the seedling tree in a small container
-Grafting the seedling tree to an older and highly precocious root stock, while keeping it in a small container - At what size / age can the seedling tree be grafted?
-Significant pruning of either option

My answer to your question would be to graft it to a tree that is already bearing fruits.

But, somebody else might do it differently.

(Peaches and I’m sure other fruits might not have the same effect…I’m thinking apples or pears.)

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Bark inversion. Looping.

Search for: ‘Dr. Karl Sax bark inversion Popular Mechanics’


Bark inversion is both intriguing and intimidating.

I plan to do a bark infusion to my seed grown Fukushu kumquat tree this summer.