How to get appliances in your apartment in Francer

This small truck held up traffic today on our boulevard (largest street in town). I stopped, my dog sat down and we watched!

Washer and dryer, fridge, dish washer and entire contents of an IKEA kitchen.


Love your pics demonstrating cultural differences! Captivant!

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Over the years we have received some Europeans in our countryside house. 100% of them can not believe their eyes when the see our sub-zero humongous fridge… When I tell them that we could put a Renault 5 in it and close the door, they agree! Marc

So I have to tell this anecdote that happened to me about 30 years ago. I was in a train going to the Côte-d’Azur region. I met this young American (male) fellow and engage conversation. He had just arrived from Kansas, spent the night in Paris, took a night train to Lyon and transferred to my train going South. At certain point, he asked me about the most intriguing object he saw in his Paris’s room: a bidet.

I kinda knew that he was puzzled by it and asked him what he thought it was about:. His replied: a washing bassin for underwear, socks and other intimate lingerie. I have a good poker face and put some more butter on his bread… Yes, I replied: you have hot and cold water, an overfull space and a rather large bassin to soak the clothes and it’s located in the restroom. How convenient and thoughtful of them, right?

So if you ever meet a guy from Hutchison, Kansas please don’t laugh at him…



We all have bidet here… not to wash the underwear… :blush:

I promise I won’t laugh but its a great story!

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