How to start selling your crop?

Hi all! I would like to ask what do you do with the excess crop? I distribute a lot, conserve, but there are already so many things that I would like to sell. Tell me where to start? I have already received a certificate of quality and safety of my products. We should probably think about the legal part, I would like everything to be legal

do you have a local farmers market? best and easiest place to sell. im planning on doing the same here.


Of course, you can try to sell through someone, but I want it to be exactly my brand, so that people buy a quality product and know that it’s me, recommend it to others. That is, I need to somehow register my name, I think

You could trademark your brand but it may not make sense unless you are planning something big.

A free commercial Facebook/Instagram page would be a good first start.

Can also purchase a domain name that reinforces your brand and set up a website

Selling excess at a local Farmer’s Market works well too if you can get a spot at a good market

We were amazed at how many customers were attracted to our free Facebook page when we started

Also possible to attract additional customers with a small paid ad on FB/Instagram

Selling retail produces higher prices than wholesale but some wholesale restaurant accounts may help build your momentum and provide some free publicity

I have seen many new growers start over the last 5 years. Probably an excess supply in many areas where growers are forced to compete on price rather than quality.

We learned from experience that you need good volume and higher price points to justify the effort


Find a catchy name. Get labels, bags, etc. with the name on it. Start with local businesses. If it’s a good product, they will ask for it by name. But be warned. It’s hard work and could cost time and money.
Roadside stands are popular around here. In season or year round.


Thanks for good advice! I have already run pages in social networks, it is a good idea for a start. I would like not just to sell surplus at the local market, but maybe even open my own shop where I will sell my crops, canned food and also bread and other pastries that my sister bakes

Yeah, you are right, that may take a lot of time and efforts, but I am ready for that :muscle:

Selling fruit directly from the farm works well for us.

It took a good while but we are getting close to 10 acres sold from the farm in just two 4 hour days per week.

Good luck for your future success. Where are you located?


Thank you :blush: NY

So. I talked to my husband, explained him my plans and he supported my desire to start my own business. He is real estate agent so he found a place for my future shop where I will sell my products(also there will be soap which I make from natural ingridients), thus this weekend I egistared my company - - now it is possible to make it online. Also I am talking about making a website as I want a site with the actual availability of goods and the ability to order online. In general, I decided to take the issue seriously :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Stawberry soap by me


best of luck to you!

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