How to treat shot hole virus on apricot

i noticed this on my adirondack gold apricot last season after i planted it. probably came from the nursery. sprayed it with immunox several times. sprayed copper and dormant oil in may followed by immunox at beginning of bud break and several times after that. newer leaves from this spring are stating to get brown spots. anyone have a spray or a combination of sprays they’ve used to cure this or is this tree screwed? it came to me as a nice big 6ft tree. id hate to lose it! not much online about cures , only prevention.

An over-the-counter Fungicide spray from big box store is what I use for shot hole on cherry laurel plants. Should work on fruit (although might not be labeled for such use…you know how the EPA is). Copper sprays should also work.

immunox is listed for apricot but isn’t showing much promise. i may have to try another.

I had shot holes in the leaves of my Blenheim apricot the first year I planted it. The plant pathologist of University of Delaware diagnosed it as bacterial disease and recommended copper spray. I sprayed it with low dose of copper octanoate and the shot holes did not develop on new growth. Since then I have been doing high/full dose dormant copper spraying with sticker and I have never seen it since then on any of my apricot varieties (I have about a dozen).

Since immunox did work for you, it is probably bacterial (immunox works on fungi only).


i do have some cooper. ill give it a try . thanks.