How would you prune this Shinko Pear Tree?

Hi everyone! I’m new here and just found out about this forum. I really dig forums and haven’t used them in forever, so this is very refreshing. I’m really interested in growing fruit trees and specially Asian Pears and Citrus. I bought a like 6’-7’ Shinko Asian Pear Tree from Mike’s Garden Center for $12. It’s probably rootbound, but for $12 bucks I wanted to give it a shot to work with it.

I also wanted to get a Korean Giant Pear Tree before spring as well, so I also was thinking about grafting a Korean Giant scionwood to the Shinko Tree if I can find some Scionwood. I wanted to ask everyone, how would you prune this? It’s going to be in containers at least for a couple of years, because I have no yard at this time.

I hope everyone has a great day.

Anything coming from the ground of any tree that is on a rootstock is very bad, also remove anything that could wrap it’s self around another part of the tree, also remove anything that could break as it thickens.

I see. Thank you very much. Do you think I should top the tree since I have heard Pear Trees like to grow vertically? Should I should limb spreaders to help promote horizontal growth?

A pear tree should be pruned at least once a year, when branches start leafing out, as to encourage flower and fruit growth, otherwise they take longer to start fruiting, and eventually can get too tall. That also thickens the tree up faster, and widens the tree some. Also if there needs to be any emergency pruning that should be done right away.