Howling Mistral and my apricots

I walked out on the terrace this morning to find seven apricots on the ground. The Mistral was really blowing and rather than the next roof’s rain gutter getting my ‘blown away’ apricots, I decided to pick them. They are probably a day or two early, but that will be ok. Here are the pics.


Yum. I love fresh apricots. Well, I love dried ones too. Congratulations.


Thanks Murky. This was pure joy. I waited years in New England for one or two ripe apricots over thirteen years. Here, in two years I have four pounds. Jam tomorrow! Thanks again.

The reply was meant for you!

Nice harvest!

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Thanks Richard!


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It’s worth the wait!!!

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That’s beautiful fruit. Congradulations…!! The unfortunate part about apricots is they are the most sensitive stone fruit to harvest date. Most peaches, nectarines, plums, pluots, and sweet cherries are good to excellent picked a bit or even a week or two early. Apricots in my experience benefit greatly from that last day or two on the tree. Picked early they tend to be astringent. But maybe they ripen up nicely on the counter. I haven’t tried that much.

I hope you enjoy them very much. You deserve it after 13 years and moving across the Atlantic to make it happen.


@mrsg47 … your apricot fruit looks so nice and clean, perfect, no blemishes no bug bites. Bueatiful fruit.

Does it require a lot of maintenance to accomplish that ? Spraying fungicides, insecticides, bagging or netting.

The reason I ask is that I just gave up on my 3 peach trees… and removed them. Brown Rot showed up here year b4 last and took over half of my peaches… and OFM have been serious pest the last 10-12 years… seemingly getting worse each year. This spring when my peaches had already been thinned once… it rained for 3 weeks like every 2 or 3 days. All those peaches got the BR and fell off. Pest and disease pressure just too much for me to deal with… especially considering I am a NO spray guy.
I just can’t do that.

I have a Moorpark apricot (year 3) which had 5 or 6 blossoms in year 2… but NO blossoms at all this year.

It does not seem to like my heat and humidity. I year 1 and 2… after the heat came on mid June… it dropped leaves… ending up with only a few leaves on the limb tips the rest of the growing season. This year so far it has been quite hot and it has not done that yet. Perhaps a sign of improvement ? But then again… no blossoms at all this year.

It is on the chopping block.

Mostly because of the negatives mentioned and the fact that it has grown the least of all my 3 yr trees… it is just not thriving here…

And because if I have given up on peaches because of pest and disease issues… what chance do I have with apricots ? I figure slim to none especially considering my NO spray policy… which is not going to change.

My little apricot is planted near my two jujubes… and would be the ideal place for me to plant a Honey Jar jujube.

Is my thinking on apricots correct ? That if I have given up on peaches (which grow well here) because of pest and disease issues… I might as well give up on this little struggling apricot to ?


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In TN you are sledding uphill with apricots. Enjoy mrsg’s pictures. That’s about as close as you’ll come to good clean fruit unless you’re willing to work very hard for them.

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Thanks for the confirmation @fruitnut.

Chopped… today if I can get to it.

I am done with difficult pest and disease prone stuff… I will not spray… so might as well stick with what I can have success with…

I am going to increase or add jujube persimmon pear pawpaw… raspberries blackberries blueberries mulberries figs…

Edit update later…

Got something done today b4 we hit 95…
That is where the apricot was… the smallish struggling tree was quite easy to remove.

What you can’t see… is under that top layer of dirt… I raked out a wide 8 inch deep hole and layered in grass clippings dirt rotten hay compost… multiple layers like that then raked the topsoil back on top of that…

Then I put all the mulch back in place.

This summer fall and winter all that will compost in place. Next spring a nice HJ Jujube goes in.

Or persimmon or mulberry or fig or pear… something I do not have to spray to get good fruit.

Dear TNHunter, the problem is I can compare my zone to yours when I lived in RI, I was in zone 7a-b. Here I have California weather and little humidity. I only spray with copper in the fall and spring before bud break. No netting, no insects, no squirrels no other sprays.

This is one of the places on earth where apricots thrive, so I am lucky I moved. It is very hot here in summer. There is some sun-scald and what took the leaves off of my trees was/ is the Mistral wind. I have enough chill hours here but never a hard freeze. Hope this helps! The only dings on my apricots was from a hail storm two weeks ago. Those are not good for any fruit!

Thanks Fruitnut. High marks from you! It was really worth the trip. As it turned out the apricots were perfect and are now jam. The apricots just ‘glowed’ on the trees. They were beautiful. Thanks so much for the kind words, much appreciated. Mrs. G

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