How's your Weather been this Summer?

It’s been unusual here in the northeast – almost zero rain and lots of days in the 90s. Thinking back on it, we haven’t had a soaking rain since May. It’s been a challenge to keep the trees and garden happy. How’s your weather been this summer?

June was above normal by a few degrees…July has been running just above normal (about a degree or so). June had 7 inches of rain (way above) and July has had 5 inches. Warm and wet, but plenty of sun thrown in the mix. Night time temps have stayed mild.

Hot and wet here in S. Indiana. Most days in the high 90’s with a dewpoint 77 to 80, makes the Heat Index too high, yesterday it was 118. And then heavy showers bringing 1-2 inches of rain. I next lost a 2nd leaf Stark Double Delicious in a very short time, and think it may have been heat stress. Well branched, firmly rooted, it looked weak and i figured it was stress, so gave it some H2O but it went from looking stressed to brown and crisp in 3 days. The only obvious disease was a mild case of CAR. The limbs still pass the scratch test, does anyone think it may greeen up again this year, or go dormant and bud out next Spring? It isn’t my favorite variety, but the tree was looking good. I don’t really have room for tip-bearers, but it was a good pollinator.

Glad I have a sprinkler system on my veggies and flowers. This year lack of water is changing my attitude with my apple trees. I’m thinking of cutting back to just keeping the ones in my veggie garden that have a sprinkler system to water them and get rid of my other ones that I have to water by hand in an other area of my yard. Learning grafting also has helped in my decision. I can graft more varieties on the ones in my garden.

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Having a sprinkler system means nothing in my town. We have well water. By June we were limited to twice a week watering by sprinkler. By July, it is emergency water ban.

I have prayed for rain. So far it has kept missing us,too far to the south, to the north, to the west, etc. Brown and crispy is everyone’s lawn.

My fruit trees are 4 years old or older and are fine, but everything is early, small, and very sweet due to lack of rain I guess? I watered the fruit trees a couple times, but they probably would have been fine without it. Reported on June 24th
For Detroit, May’s total rainfall was 2.2 inches, 1.18 inches below
normal. So far for June, Detroit stands at 1.3 inches of rainfall, down
1.45 inches from average.

July was no better!

Yes, I think soon we will have a ban if things don’t turn around.

I keep a constant eye on the drought monitor - early July it was creeping close to us as the rain kept missing, but we finally got 3 inches last week

Now it’s just humid all the time

Gotta spray plums

Hottest summer we have had in a number of years. Right around 100 last week with heat index around 110. A couple of days were unbearable outside, no breeze and so humid you felt like you were trying to breath under water. Did I mention I dislike summer to begin with! Summer cant end soon enough for me. It was a wierd summer for weather here starting in April, but in Nebraska we dont really ever have “normal” weather.

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Mamuang, when I said my lawns look like giant crispy waffles I meant it. We are not a ‘town’ water watch here. Thank goodness I do not have a well. We have had no rain. Every huge thunderstorm and blown right out to sea and missed us. We need rain badly. My fruit trees are beginning to suffer. I can see the leaves of my pear trees starting to curl. Thank goodnes I have no plums this year or peaches because if it did rain, they would explode! It is hot, horribly humid and I’m buying a new airconditioner for my bedroom tomorrow. The squirrels have taken almost every Jonagold I have. They probably want the juice and don’t care if they are like green stones! The tree is too large to net. Ugh.

I wish I had peaches this year. They would have little fungal issue as it so dry.

Even my roses have not had black spot disease yet. Usually, their leaves would look ugly without spray by now.

Our town uses well water, very different from surrounding towns that use water from a reservoir.


Agree about fungus. By this time of the year cucumbers and zucchini usually already covered with powdery mildew. Not his year though. Some bugs are much less problem this year(like SVB, squash bugs), and some are much worse(like different fruit flies) Definitely, unusual year…

Warm and dry here in Central Maine. I’m finally thankful for our heavy clay soil that retains moisture.

The last month here in NYC has been brutal, middle 90s everyday, humidity in mid 70s, little to no rain.

Thankfully, I think we are finally past it for at least the next 10 days.

Same here, just emerging from an epic heat wave. We got a few thundershowers to keep things moist, I have not needed to water yet.

The great thing has been the relative lack of diseases. @mamuang you indeed are missing on a very easy peach year - my Mericrest I often lose half to rot and this year I have no visible rot on any fruits and they are starting to ripen now. I didn’t miss the peaches but I missed an easy apricot year - a grand total of four apricots were harvested. The early spring cold hurt more than the cots, peaches and plums and even some apples and pears did not do their normal set.

I wish I would have planted watermelons this year! Last year I got a total of 0 melons! I decided to skip a year, darn!

ha. I was about to post almost exactly the same (should have planted melons). As you say above, warm and dry in Michigan, with many days above 90 (some years we get none). I used the drip system far more than in the past.

Scott- Don’t rub it in :smile:

With my luck, next year I will have peaches and a rainy summer!!!

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Cold front went through (north winds now) and today should be 77F, 79F tomorrow…80-82F sat/sun before the heat returns. So the AC is going off and taking a few days break.