Huge Jonagold's and Mott Pink Tart

My Jonagold’s were finally their full size this year and really quite large. One of them weighed 11oz. The Mott Pink apples found their way into a tart.


Looking great. The pie looks fabulous. Bet it tasted delish, too.

I thought Moot Pink would be pinker inside. Beautiful bounty.

They usually are, but they started dropping early, so I harvested the rest before the squirrels would take the apple in the bag! They are much pinker and pretty too.

Recipe us, please. Looks sooo good!!

Do you own the Joy of cooking cookbook? (I hope you do because it takes a while to type it out.) Its under apple tart. Its really good. I also use the peach pie recipe with apples and no top crust. That is also fantastic with fresh fruit.

I do, outstanding!

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A beautiful tart- job well done.

My Jonagolds are coming off very soon and they are about that size, to look at them. One of our favorite apples, and a good keeper too.

Again, great job on the tart. That kind of rhythm takes real discipline in cutting the fruit.

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Never saw it done any better. Very impressive apples and baking!

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