Humus, not your mothers chickepea

Blog Post w/links to NATURE

Interesting new study, not much use for home gardeners but it is nice to see the scientific community devoting research to understanding soil and microbe biology.


Very interesting information. I guess an important point is use organic matter but not use packaged humic acid supplements?

I think it is important to gardeners and specifically those growing fruit. The subject of humic acid supplements has come up here and I suggested it was probably a waste of money and just another form of gardener’s fairy dust.

I notice that this is from a myth busting gardening blog with many very easy to read and understand topics. I liked the defense of scientific research at the end of the article- that just because most research isn’t absolutely conclusive it is still better than the “alternative”, meaning relying only on anecdotal observations and exchanges.

The best gardeners use both, IMO, and take it all with a grain of salt through their own filters.

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