Huneyberry bushes

I got a 3.5 cup of berries from my 4 bushes.


Mine are just starting to change color. Had to net them yesterday.

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They look awesome! What do they taste like compared to the regular familiar things? I’ve been considering to plant a few but never tasted it.

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The two I planted last year (blizzard and beast) gave me a handful or two of berries. Really looking forward to get enough to make jams and wine with them. The blue palm/diamond that I planted 2 years ago might get torn out; I didnt do enough research and found that they bloom before bugs really become active, and the small berries I’ve gotten so far are pretty bad tasting.

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Things blooming before bugs are active is a issue here too as many trees and bushes will bloom end of April or early May but bees are not active here until mid to late May and go away in September or October. What I did this year is hand pollinate and it worked pretty well. It was the first time in 4 years I got fruit off my trees and bushes. You either get a toothbrush or a small painting brush and go at it. The brush will absorb the pollens and act pretty much if not better than a bee.

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If you’ve got a spot with a colder microclimate you might be able to get them to bloom slightly later. Bottom of a hill, less morning/afternoon sun, etc.

@Eugeneb They taste kind of blueberry/blackberryish, varying levels of sweet and sour depending on the variety, and are like a grape with a very thin skin and soft jelly-like texture. I’ve got Blizzard, Beast, Beauty, and Strawberry Sensation.


There is nothing similar to them. I would say they would be best as jam or in pies or other pastries.

Did you let them ripen on the bush for a while? Usually for me its a couple of weeks after they begin to turn color.

I did that successfully last year and got a few berries. This year I didn’t just to see what kind of fruit set there might be. When Ive tasted the early bloomers, they give me the same impression of flavor that japanese honeysuckle gives me, so I’m not sure the effort is worth the berry. I may keep them around as an early pollinator food source, and just neglect them.

Then you get into the missed potential dynamic on how much is that missed potential matter to you. I was talking to my grandma about it today. You spend money on a new pair of air buds but that money could have been spent making money elsewhere. Same situation with space where you have X amount of space so how do you want to use that space? Every plant taking up that space could have been a different plant that could have been more productive. On the flip side you can have it where very little grows in that area so you call it a spade. I am personally in the mindset right now of reduction too. I kept trying to expand the last 2 years and I am seeing some things thrive and other places things just keep dying so even though they are in pots since I just don’t have the space for the pots elsewhere I am just calling those pots a loss.