Hybrid persimmon in New Hampshire?


You just call and ask him. He is easy to work with.


Tony, do you have Geneva Long and if you do how does it compare to Prok and others?


The fruit is a tad bit smaller than Prok but Prok tasted better. It is very hard to top Prok.


Cliff says no availability of JT-02 scions this year to meet his high demand for grafted trees. I guess I’ll have to put it back on my “try later” list.


Does anyone know of anyone who sells self rooted jujubes? I would be happy to pay more for something i think will be a lot more successful for me.


@jcguarneri Try ordering early next year when he first releases his fall availability. He often has a few odds and ends even if he doesn’t list them. Alternatively, you can try to buy or trade scions to graft. It’s early enough that finding scions and rootstocks shouldn’t be hard at all. JT-02 seems very vigorous. Mine is now a 5 foot tall whip from a tiny graft I made in spring.


Yeah, I was thinking I’d try over in the trading post as well. Sounds like some nice growth on your graft!


JFaE is supposedly selling some jujube trees on their own roots. https://justfruitsandexotics.com/product/so-jujube-tree/
Last I read a couple of members were trying to confirm that their roots would produce true to type, but I don’t think their root cuttings have fruited yet to confirm.


Thank you! I also i was reading multiple threads and hijacked a post about persimmons to post about jujubes, my bad.


Haha, it’s all good. Thanks for keeping it near the top.


Anyone know of any other sources for JT-02 scion/budwood, since Cliff won’t be selling scions of this variety this year? Maybe if I’m lucky, his upcoming PVNA hybrid will eat up some of the JT-02 demand and he’ll offer scions next winter. :crossed_fingers:


Cliff said that trees of his best PVNA will be available in the fall of 2020, but no scions of it would be distributed. I’d like to graft both Cascade (his PVNA) and JT-02 here in a few years. Hopefully there will be some more scion wood floating around by then.