Hybrid Persimmon Seeds Viable?

I collected some seeds from my Kassandra hybrid persimmon fruits. Are those seeds even viable? If so, what can I expect?

Also, should I stratify those seeds and grow them next spring?

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I don´t have that variety, but my understanding is that hybrids can interbreed with kaki or the American persimmion (or with other hybrids.) So go for it – if you´re curious. Do you know the pollen parent?

Of course the drawback, if you will, is waiting 10 years to see what you have. You could graft the seedling onto an established tree to speed the process up somewhat. I purchased some hybrid seeds last year from Cliff as a lark. Curious to see if any would survive zone 5A, but suspect that cool, short summers may be a bigger hurdle than winter lows.