Hybrid Persimmons Future Look Great


Great, I hope it can handle the -20F once in a while! So I can cross it with the Chocolate Kaki male flowers.


It handled this winter grafted two years ago to young seedlings at a friend’s. -30 F.


Oleksandr Kazas was a breeder of Nikitskaya Bordovaya (Nikita’s Gift as you know it). Jerry most likely met him when he was on a visit to Ukraine.


Dr. Kazas is also the creator of Rosseyanka 2, who is the sister of Nikita’s gift.


What is the origin of ‘Super Rosseyanka’?

I’ve not heard of Rosseyanka 2 until now.


Super rosijanka is obscure … I have several stories about this variety. It would be an earlier mutation and fruit bigger than Rosseyanka 18. This variety seems to be better known nowadays from Ukraine. Even breeders. I think a lot of people own it. Ask @Harbin if he has more info.

When Kazas created Nikita’s gift, there were 11 other varieties. Only Nikita’s gift has been unveiled to the world. The other trees were planted in locations unknown to the majority.
We know that 6 varieties are still existing. Rosseyanka 2 is one of these varieties. She is a sister of Nikita’s gift. His mother is Rosseyanka 18.


Rosseyanka 2 has a description very close to super rosijanka. I even wonder about the fact that these are the same varieties.
But there are other hybrids similar to Rosseyanka like the MP3 variety. Things are not always obvious.
In a few years I could compare Rosseyanka 2 and super rosijanka to confirm or refute this hypothesis.


Sad news that my Kazas got munched by the deer last night and snapped by the grafted union. I think I just give up and stick with my 9 JT-02 Hybrid persimmon trees for now.





Did not know you have a deer problem there. Sorry for the loss.


So sorry for the loss…


So sorry Tony!!! Yeah those deer are so destructive… Well Im glad you have such a good start of jt02! I havent got that scion yet but the hybrids I do have are growing good, this is their 2nd summer! First year they sleep, 2nd yr they creep, I am hoping they leap next year!!


I have two hybrids, nikitas gift and rosseyanka. This is theirs third year in ground. Last year n.gift had some flowers and fruits but all of them dropped. Its a young tree and its normal. This year n.gift have much more flowers and fruits, some of them dropped already but plenty still hanging.

Yesterday I noticed that rosseyanka start with blooming, although much less. And it is much bigger tree, just for the record. Also I think that is one year older compared to n.gift. Does anyone here have this variety,roseyanka? Is it normal to bloom so late? Compared to n.gift that tree supposed to have two times more fruits,at least.

This is flowers of rosseyanka, photo was taken at the same time as from n.gift.


I have to mention two of my new grafts. Lehmans delight and Barbra’s Blush. Both of them had flowers this year. Most of them droped. Cause I dont have enough rootstocks I grafted some on rosseyanka. Two grafts still have flowers-fruits. Will see if it will fall or not.



Here is the update photo of the NG lower section, Rossyanka middle section, and the JT-02 topworked this May. It grew to 4 feet now and the union almost filled in even. Pretty amazing growth in a short period of time.



It is very late for any persimmon to bloom this late. At this point June drop (tree naturally drops excess fruitlets) should have already occurred, and the next major drop, for me at least, happens in August for NG. Again, it’s strange for your Rossyanka to be at the flower stage in mid/late July.


I’m suspecting that maybe its not rosseyanka at all. Although both of them survived winters without any protection, and for me its the most important thing.
For now all the trees I bought from that nursery was ok. My friend bought several plants also, but one was mistaken variety.


:confused: then mine will drop more fruit also :unamused: I hope that this year I will have some fruit, last one all of them dropped.


My young eureka bloomed a second time late it’s first year to have fruitlets. The first bloom fruits dropped and the second bloom fruits dropped.


You killed my hopes now. But its important that plants are alive and healthy, they will bear fruit next year then. And by then I will have more varietes,maybe some will fruit early so I can enjoy in different fruits :drooling_face: