Hybridizing Blueberries

Has anyone tried to cross a blueberry with another fruit?

What can they be crossed with?

This is a link to some older experiments that might be of interest.


the cranberry, bilberry or whortleberry, lingonberry or cowberry, and huckleberry.
The genus contains about 450 species.

Many blueberries, or should I say most domestic blueberries are from very complex crosses. More than anything else I have seen.
For example I grow Cara’s Choice:
CARA’S CHOICE is a progeny from the cross G-144 x US 165. G-144
originated from the cross 11-93 (a sibling of ‘Bluecrop’) x ‘Darrow’. US
165 is a self of US 79, a hybrid of the diploid species Vaccinium darrowii ‘Fla 4B’ x US 56. US 56 originated from a cross of hexaploid V.constablaei
x T-65. T-65 is a rabbiteye hybrid from the cross of ‘Walker’ x 11-180
(= ‘Myers’ x ‘Black Giant’). The cross that produced CARA’S CHOICE was
made by A.D. Draper at Beltsville, Maryland in approximately 1977. The
seedling was selected in 1981 at the Atlantic Blueberry Company,
Hammonton, NJ, and subsequently evaluated by A.D. Draper, N. Vorsa, A.W.
Stretch and M.K. Ehlenfeldt at both Atlantic Blueberry Co. and Variety
Farms in Hammonton, NJ.


I would like to cross sweetcrisp with a Northern High Bush to produce a plant that is more adapted to my area, yet still have a firm texture. Plus add better structure to sweetcrisp. Sweetcrisp produces thin weak canes. Although I’m far away from making any crosses. i have other projects going on, and I need to practice germination techniques with blueberries.
Actually Southmoon (SHB) is hardy enough to survive here, and the pollen may be more accepting to sweetcrisp. This may be my first choice. Structure on Southmoon seems solid too. I have one in a container. I’ll try some informal crosses this spring.

I’m not sure about hybridizing,but want to try grafting a Blueberry to a Sparkleberry.I have two small Sparkleberry/Farkleberry plants in pots,that haven’t grown much to a single stock yet.
This practice has been done at Oregon State University, with good results so far. Brady


Yes, that would be cool to do too. Keep us updated on the project.

Thanks, Drew!

My next project is going to be hybridizing blueberries with Lingonberries, then the B x L hybrid with a cranberry.