Hybridizing Flavorrella Plumcot in 2018

Anyone in here have plans to hybridize Flavorrella Plumcot with other stone fruits?

I do. I will hybridize it with a Nectarine, Peach, and a Cherry. I’m just curious to see what would the fruit and foliage would look like.

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I plan on doing many more crosses, mainly ones with cherry in them. In addition to waiting for commercial growers to come out with theirs, we can accelerate the process by doing our own “backyard” experimentation. I have Splash which is similar in appearance to Flavorella.


I will be crossing some stuff. I have a lot of pluots now. Fall Fiesta has everything thing in it (plum, peach, cherry, nectarine). Even the natural crosses could be very interesting. Honey Punch, Crimson Royale, Ebony Rose are all in the garden now.
Also Flavor Grenade, and Dapple Jack.

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