Hybridizing stone fruits


I think if I could grow both (chums and pluots), I’d only grow pluots. But if I wanted an interesting fruiting hedge (providing good fruits for transformation) and curculio wasn’t a problem in my area, than chums could work. If you do plant some chums, let me know which varieties and how they work out for you !


Check out Alaska FruitTrees


This is my second proprietary Nectamond, a cross between Flavor Top Nectarine, pollen parent, x F1 Nonpareil Almond, seed parent.


The plant looks good! I was going to grow out some seed this winter, but other projects got in the way.I will next year.




These are the seedlings that I obtained from my Flavor Top Nectarine ( seeds) that I hand pollinated with F1 Moorpark Apricot pollen. And I don’t see any apricot traits in them, unless the apricot traits will show up later in their development or in the fruit.


Or perhaps, the Nectarine traits are dominant as observed on my Nectarine x Almond hybrids, the almond been the seed parent.


Here they are again, the Nectamonds.



I’m starting to feel disappointed with the Flavor Top Nectarine seedlings as I haven’t noticed any apricot genes in the leaves. I used pollen from my F1 Apricot to pollinate the Flavor Top Nectarine flowers, but based on the phenotype of the leaves it appears that they don’t have any apricot parentage.


If you emasculate the flower before it opens, bag it after pollination that should help greatly keep contaminating pollen out, although if it didn’t work, no fruit may develop.
Also the pollen spreads better and is easier to apply if you let it dry out first. Anthers can be closed and I find letting them dry they bust open letting the pollen out, or are easy to bust once dry if not open. I still have a hard time getting enough pollen on raspberries as drupes are often missing due to low pollen. It doesn’t matter though, usually still plenty were fertilized. You can see the pollen well too because as it drys it turns a darker color.




Calired F2 peach x almond hybrid is starting to leaf-out.


Looks like a good one.


Flavor Top Nectarine seedling. Could it have apricot in its parentage? The foliage is starting to look a little bit different than standard nectarine seedlings.

I want to see what a 50/50 apricot- nectarine hybrid looks like so I could compare it with my Apricot-pollinated Nectarine seedlings, so I could finally have conclusion.


Calired interspecific.


How many years until you seedlings tend to fruit in your climate?


An average of three years.


Here they are again, my Nectamonds, Nectarine x Almond hybrids.


Any one in here had any luck with their Indian Free Peach seeds? Did you obtained any hybrids?