I Attended Scion Exchange

There was a fruit-tree scion exchange at University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, WI, in the foyer of Sage Hall yesterday, which I was pleased to attend. Much scionwood was brought in from various sources including Dan Bussey and Maple Valley Orchards. Many attendees kept their feet if not their heads for well over two hours, chatting, grilling “the experts,” pawing through bundles of cuttings, and watching grafting demonstrations. A good time was had by all!


Yesterday I visited the Alaska Fruit Growers Association grafting workshop where you could buy rootstock and there was tables with a very wide variety of scion for free. I picked the following:

  • Rescue, one of hardiest apple known to man.
  • Prairie Magic, my favorite northern apple.
  • Trailman
  • Centennial
  • Whitney
  • Zestar, one lonely stick was left.
  • Honeycrisp, pain in the keister to grow crowd favorite.
  • Alma Sweet, on a good year too sweet
  • Diebel, I’m still trying to find out about this apple.
  • Yellow plum
  • Evans cherry

I have space for about half of those in the ground, the rest will be grafted onto other trees.