I don't know about them apples this year

This has been an odd year…

We started with a very late spring. It was like winter simply did not want to come. Here’s my soil on the 13th of April. The ground itself was still frozen into May.

Here in the Matanuska valley we can have between 105 frost free days (90% probability) and 142 frost free days (10%) probability. Well this year that probability seems to be leaning towards the low end of the spectrum.

And to make it worse we had a lot of cloudy days and now it has been raining for the last 4. We may have intense sunny days but each one you take out of commission with either rain or clouds can shave almost a whole percentage point of yearly sunlight your plants will not get. For this being the 10th of August them apples are looking pretty small, and the weather forecast is showing rain as far as it can tell.

Everything else did good but I may not get much in the form of apples this year :frowning:

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Ugh sorry to hear that. Weather is one of the most hardest things a grower worries about. Hopefully next year will work out.