I finally have pears with fairly thick strong stems

I finally finished bagging my pears just yesterday. It was either raining, or I had other things to do. I did notice that squirrels were truly enjoying the baby pears. I’ve never had one on a tree in ten years so the pears are a huge treat for me. Glad I bagged them when I did. I’ll only have about 30 or so but each variety is so different they will all be great. Also bagged my Mott Pink apples of which there are 15 or so but this year they are big. The tree is finally growing into itself, just as I leave. My only tree that is gushing with apples is my Jonagold. It must have been my crabapples that pollinated the tree because the other apple trees had few flowers this past spring. The crabs always look like pink poodles when in bloom. My plums are dropping by the day. Just can’t win.


Congrats, Mrs.G. Love to see the pic of your Mott Pink at harvest.

I have nothing but pears to bag. Oh, I have cherries but birds have gotten half of them before I could get around to pet a net on this morning. My first year strawberries went to birds, too. I start not liking birds these days.