I finally understand why everyone is growing inter-specific fruit

It’s really too bad that most grocers due not label the variety for stone fruits. In my neck of the woods they just sell them as pluots. Sometimes they are dark like flavor king and sometimes they appear to by dappled. I wish they were more like apple sales. Could you imagine going to a grocery store and not having any of the apples labeled. lol

Same goes for sweet cherries. They list them as bing or rainier depending on color. Who knows what variety you are actually getting. Sometimes they are dark and almost black while other times they are deep red. Obviously different cherries.

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The club stores…you can usually find the box and read the label… but yeah…at most stores they just pour them and you have to figure out what you are buying…

I love Flavor Supreme… this is a winner here… i need more of it. Early and delicious for me up here …my kids loved them and wanted more (i had probably 2 dozen and they were gone quick)… I’m eating splash now…bleh… i have no idea what pollinates what so i keep them around. I had some Flavor Grenade but the PC got them…


Went into Whole Foods yesterday looking for white nectarines, they didn’t have any, but I did see quite a large selection of pluots. Of course no name on them, but what I bought, I think, was Flavor Grenade. It was a bit elongated green pluot with a red tint on one side. The fruit was crunchy and out of this world great. I bought 4 and had 2 last night and 2 for breakfast this morning. The crunchy aspect is just wonderful. There was a touch of tartness which I assume would be mellowed out a bit if allowed to sit on the tree longer. Overall, a fantastic piece of fruit.

I have never had Flavor Supreme, but was wondering if it has a similar dry crunch that the Flavor Grenade has, or is it more of a soft juicy pluot?

I’ve never had a known variety of pluot. All the ones I’ve tried have been generically named. I agree that I don’t like the overly ripe soft juicy varieties. I don’t care for the mushy texture. Maybe they all just sit at the store too long. Iv’e had some that were dynamite though and as you said were firm and crisp. I can’t wait to finally get some off my own trees but I know that is still a couple of years away.

Flavor Supreme doesn’t have the Flavor Grenade crunch,but more like a typical Plum texture. Brady

These are all potted stock correct?

Its like a plum…but its early (for Wisconsin) and does very nicely here …mine are all in pots. Just to compare i had my first ripe Superior Plum today (in the ground/huge/great tasting)…i think we ate the last Flavor Supremes a week or more ago…

Flavor Supreme…kid approved


My grandkids loved FS as well. As did kids and inlaws.


Are your Flavor King ripe yet or are you past that? Mine are just starting to color…i think it will be mid/late Sept before i can pick them.

I’m at the tail end of Flavor King.

Our Wegmans grocery has 2 bins labeled “Black Plumcots” and “Green Plumcots.” Should I be surprised they are segregated by skin color? The black ones must have been good because the bin was empty. I believe the green ones are Flavor Grenade. Looks like this is the farm’s website: Family Tree Farms.

It can take 15 years to bring an interspecific variety to market.

Questioning the demand? Take a few minutes to watch the following video posted on Youtube a week ago. There are fruit hunters eager to taste/buy the best of any new Zaiger offerings:


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The Black Plumcots could have been Plumogranates,which are probably the same fruit that is mentioned on a recent post about fruit growing in Israel.They are very sweet and rich tasting. Brady

A couple of Dapple Dandys picked today. Good, but nothing like Flavor King. That is just so exceptional. All Flavor Kings picked and eaten, finishing the Dapple Dandys today. Yum.


No, everyone isn’t growing them. Sigh!

Beautiful! ‘Dapple Dandy’ are nothing to sneeze at. They have a spicy zip that I like.

I was excited to get these two, Clint. This is my second year in the ground with my own grafted tree. So, it was a little bit of a surprise. They are pretty yummy, just have a real soft spot for Flavor King. And SpiceZee Nectaplum, too. I know the fruit will get better as the tree matures. Looking forward to a bigger and better crop next season :peach:

I like how they just throw the fruit on the orchard floor.

I would agree with that. Mine produced in 3 years. Flavor King is another that seems to do well in my zone here in Michigan. At least for me.