I loved this time of the year

Shenandoah pawpaw, real sweet figs, and the best Flavor King.



Tony, You are everywhere! I hear ya man!! Great growing.I really need to get some pawpaws and jujubes started. Do you think the Peterson series are the gold medalists of the pawpaw world?

They are very good and large. Mango is in that class also.

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Shenandoah was my favorite a few years back when I was able to get some from a grower in SE Iowa (Red Fern Farm). I also like NC-1 as it seemed to keep longer than the rest. But because I only went 1 time, I wasn’t able to evaluate all of the varieties.

And Tom and Kathy have some of their own paw-paw genetics, which they have named after stars. (Regulus, Rigel, etc).


These are some Fantasia Nectarines.Brady


Very nice clean Nect. Brady. Taste?

I like them,about 15-17 brix and tangy.Probably not a fruitnut type.
Maybe most of these will be dried. Brady

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Really nice nectarines! Fantasia is one of the best, ours failed to crop this year so have to wait till next year. Nice to see what we missed out on.