I’m afraid to go look

I’m not at home right now. My wife has been giving me reports of the storm going through. We got an inch and a half of rain in 40 minutes, including hail and wind. I don’t even want to know what the garden looks like right now.

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Up to 1.81” now. I’m home. I haven’t gone down there, but from the deck it actually looks pretty much OK.


Not bad. Potatoes got knocked down again, but are intact. I did have to stand some corn stalks back up, but that happens after pretty much every thunderstorm here. A bit of erosion on the high side of the garden…nothing major.

It will be a couple days before I can asses fruit damage from the hail. Although, it was only sub-pea-sized and for maybe thirty seconds.

You might consider posting these types of thoughts in the “What’s Happening Today” thread. Ambiguously titled threads that are really just for/about the poster don’t do much to help to community.


Good call. Thanks.