I might have a three-way hybrid?

This my latest hybrid: (peach x almond) x unknown pollen.

The seed parent is Soleil peachmond. I originated Soleil peachmond from a cross between Elberta Peach, pollen parent, x F1 Nonpareil Almond, seed parent.

During the flowering season, I pollinated a couple of peachmond flowers with a F1 myrobalan plum pollen and the rest were left for open-pollination. After pollination was over, I left the flowers to develop into fruit without color coding the flowers for pollen parent identification.

After the fruit reached maturity, I cracked the seeds and I collected the kernels. And I put them into cold stratification.

Out of the ten seeds that I planted, only two germinated. And out of these two seedlings, one has already developed its foliage. Compared to my F1 and F2 peach x almond hybrids seedlings, this seedling has shorter and rounder leaves instead of long and skinny.

So based on its phenotype, this seedling has either myrobalan plum in its parentage or it’s just exhibiting its almond genes from its gradmother.


These are my F2 peach x almond hybrid seedlings from 2016.

Picture for comparison.

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Almond x (peach x almond). From 2017.

Picture for comparison.