I think I may have something

Let me know what you think. It’s a Tasty Rich Aprium. I pollinated it with Orangered. The one question I have though is it normal for apricots to set unpollinated fruit? I would hate to have my hopes up only to have the tree abort.

These are the 2 that are farthest along so far. Probably got 10-15 more. Oh, and btw this is zone 5. Potted stock.

Don’t think they’ll set unpollinated but can set via self pollination. Tasty Rich is my most reliable setting apricot/aprium. I’d suspect it’s self fertile but I always have something else blooming at the same time.

I ate my first one yesterday on K1. It was small but delicious!!!

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Awesome!! I thought that a few varieties of fruit did set unpollinated, only to have the tree abort it at a later stage. Glad to know that this variety is a pretty good one for you. I have high hopes then :wink:

Can you tell me were you got your tasty rich from? I am interested in that one and can’t find a source. Those fruit on your tree look well set! Always exiting to see.

ACN. Bought it as an add-on 2 years ago. Told me the cost of 2 trees was no different than the cost of 3. So I asked what they still had in stock and he said Tasty Rich. I jumped on it not expecting much. I may… just MAY keep it potted instead of grounding it. I don’t know. If the family enjoys the fruit I may just keep it potted :wink:

Thank you Sean2280. There are definitely some real advantages to having trees potted sometimes.