Ice, ice baby


People won’t believe me when i tell them i can’t grow oranges unprotected in so nv. But you know what, even canadians ask when they visit vegas in winter: “what happened to the desert?!”


We were there just after Christmas and it was pretty cool weather


you were here and you didn’t tell me? That’s enough reason for me to un-friend you :wink:


I worked there for three months in the winter in 87. It mostly 70 deg weather, but we did get two inches of snow with some fluke cold weather.


Joplin, MO
My mom took my brother and I to the skating rink for someone’s birthday party. My brother had just purchased Vanilla Ice’s new live album: Extremely Live. While we were inside somebody broke into the Jeep and stole the cassette.


I remember visiting Vegas in 98 (on my honeymoon from my first marriage). It was during the 2nd week of January and it surprised me how cold it was, especially at night…

I still can’t imagine you getting ghost apples…lol



bad memories, but glad to hear your Jeep wasn’t stolen. On a lighter note, perhaps freddie mercury felt just as violated/burglarized when he first heard the song

seen those on the news lately and they do look creepy. What the ‘red delicious’ apple transformed into when snow white bit into it