Ice storm damage9

We usually have hail storms at least once a year but sometimes they don’t cause too much damage.

We had one 2 nights ago that was unbelievable. The ice was huge like a tangerine and lasted at least 10 minutes. Besides breaking over 400 terra cotta roof tiles which I’m still replacing, it decimated my fruit trees



Sorry to read about your misfortune with the hail. Thankfully it was not any worse. That type of hail is very dangerous!


It’s depressing because of all the work i did. The vegetable garden is not completely destroyed because it was covered by a net.

I didn’t even take a pic of my peach trees because it upsets me too much.

Some people had solar panels, house windows, and car windows shattered



Storms like that are rare. We had one like that many years ago and the damage was similar to what you describe. Fortunately you were not caught outside and injured.


That’s terrible. I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve had lots of hail damage but never that bad. Apparently hail netting is used quite a bit over orchards in Italy. I can see why.

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There are entire apple orchards with hundreds of trees covered in netting in North Italy but ice like we had cuts through everything


These are some plastic things that were outside at the time. It also knocked holes in my blueberry pots


I have seen hail so bad in Texas that it stripped all the bark off the upper surfaces of the limbs on trees. Fortunately not at my place. But in the area. And crops beaten down to stubs. Hail drifts up to 8 feet deep in drainage ditches.

In areas of the central plains, Colorado and Nebraska, they average up to 10 hail storms a year in any one location.

Here we call this hail. Balls of ice that fall from thunder storms in summer. The term Ice storm is reserved for ice that freezes on trees and power lines in winter. I’ve seen whole stands of pine trees toppled by the weight if ice in an ice storm.

To me hail is particularly disgusting. Not only does in ruin fruit it makes everything look so bad. Just when your crop is looking good it gets mutilated. So I can understand not wanting to even look at the aftermath. I’ve felt the same way at times.

I did put up hail netting over my peach and apple trees in Amarillo. Those were planted in rows with trees spaced about 10x5 feet. Here in Alpine I’ve put it up over watermelons.


Wow, that is something else! So sorry!


I’ve lost a lot more fruit to spring freezes than to hail. But at least spring freezes don’t usually mutilate the tree. At times there is even a pretty bloom during or after a damaging freeze.

Hail is like having a thug come on your place and beat the trees with a club. At least that’s how it feels. And even family may not understand.



Similar storms were seen in washington and Riley county kansas from supercell storms. Record Rains Huge Hail and Damaging Winds Punish Northeast Kansas

Thankfully those storms did not hit my location. Nearly all rain this year at my location was accompanied by small hail. This is hard to see people getting dangerous storms like this across the world this year. Maybe the weather will settle down more soon.


That’s a real heart breaker. Feel or you as its unreal how fast it happens.
Had it happpen to pears in '11, butnot that bad