Ichi Persimmon-Possible branch growing at or below graft

I am not sure if I have a branch growing below the graft. Can you give me your opinion I have attached two pictures,

Hard to tell from pic. ( out of focus)
If the main trunk ,With green tie on it ,is alive and well ,I would cut those lower shoots off.
They are probably from the root stock. Can’t tell from pic.

Hard to tell… first picture doesn’t help, but it appears in the second one that the growth is occurring from the rootstock.

I would also guess they are below the graft but its hard to tell as there is no clear graft mark.

At any rate ,I would want just one trunk on that tree
Not three.

Thanks. Sorry for the picture out of focus. The weather has been decent here in the 50’s during the day. I was wondering whether I should plant this in the ground.

Ok. Thanks.

It had dark green leaves on small branches but those leaves fell off and two stems appear to be growing from the graft. So I am not sure if the stem above the graft is okay.


I wonder if the main trunk is alive?