Id for this please

Can anyone I.d this guy?

Also is there a website to which we could upload an image to get an I.d?

That sort of looks like a tick.Brady

Yup, it is a tick.


Another reason I moved west. In areas like Arkansas ticks kill half the deer fawns. That’s according to a entomologist friend who started out working on that problem. He was OK with the big ones as pictured. But hated the small, young ones that came in swarms. They were hard to detect. Said he came home at times covered in them.

This one was on one of the trees. I thought that they were ground huggers.

So as to a more important question. How do we deal with these?


Dog tick. Treat accordingly. If you have dogs or cats in your yard, be sure you’re doing monthly flea and tick treatments (such as Advantix), or, they’re going to bring ticks into the house. And on you. ANY tick can carry Lime’s Disease, not just Deer ticks. (And I am completely freaking out that you let this be on your hand, as a nurse, have to say.) Ugh. This is tick season right now for us in the West. Early, cool spring and moisture will cause them to proliferate. They sit on the tops of grasses, waiting for a warm ride to pass by them.

Ughhh is right. I didn’t know what it was but crushed him as soon as I took the photo.

As I said, he was up in the espalier and was crawling around on my handafter I picked him off the leaf.

Before I went out I sprayed feet on my shoes, jeans, shirt sleeves, hat etc.


Is there any spray regimen that I can use area wide that will fight these things off?

Sevin is listed for ticks but if you use it you should spray your entire property, ground and shrubs at a high concentration. Kill most bugs including BEES. There are also Daminnix Tick Tubes. Buy them or make them yourself. They require mice on your property to do the work,

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I am sure we have field mice. What are these tubes? Mike

I hate to use it because it’s toxic but if you have to be in tick habitat take a pair of long socks and old pants, lay them in your driveway and spray them, both sides, with Permanone. Let dry before wearing. Then pull your socks up over the bottom of your pants. Do not spray Permanone on your skin. I’m otherwise organic but not with ticks.

Ticks are pretty tough. You can think you crushed them but they’ll survive. I burn them with a lighter when I find one. My realtor contracted Lyme desease. She was in bad shape for a couple of months and still felt the effects nearly a year later. They are nothing to mess around with.

Is it OK to spray Sevin on the ground while the fruit trees are still in bloom?

This is creeping me out.


Our dog ticks are marked differently, brown w/ a silver omega marking on the back. Not uncommon to find 15-20 on the tops and corners of each hive in some bee yards. I always crush them with a hive tool until parts come off. I have found Prell shampoo good for get them out of my hair and off the body. Nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to a tick crawling on you. Got the willies now.Yuck

They crawl out on the tips of leaves/tall grass and when you brush up to them they attach to you or dogs etc. They are bad in our area. Others have covered the pesticide part but I have a couple of suggestions for keeping them off you. Keep the grass mowed and wear light colored pants tucked into your socks while in infested areas. The light colored pants won’t stop the tick but you can easily see it as in crawls upward looking for a place to attach. Good luck, Bill

Dave is right, and, you don’t want to crush a tick in case it’s carrying Lyme Disease. Better to drop the in rubbing alcohol or flush them down the toilet. Whatever you apply to control ticks will most likely kill your spiders as well, just so you know (in the Arachnid family). But, you DO want to control for ticks in your area, as I am sure you’re aware, you are in “Lyme Country”. I would contact your ag agent and ask what is the best method of control. And, if you have dogs or cats as I mentioned, you MUST use monthly spot control for fleas and ticks, or your pets will bring the ticks into the house. Lastly, be sure you’re aware of the symptoms of Lyme disease, just in case someone gets bit, you’ll know what to watch for. Never, ever ignore any possible symptom - Lyme disease must be treated. Not to worry you, but to provide you with some knowledge. Chikn, Dog ticks can come marked a bit differently, but this is not the more common Deer tick you see in MIke’s area, it is larger, and a Dog tick. And, exactly what Bill said - we, too, have issues with them in my area. We take our dogs out for a run in the hills behind the house. The ticks sit on the tips of the Foxtail grass, and as the dogs run by, they catch a ride. Not only do we use montly spot treatment for our dogs, but we also spray the dogs prior to the run with a natural repellant that works very well. And, it smells really great. It is a mixture of a variety of spices (peppermint, clove, cinnamon, lemon grass, thyme), and works surprisingly well. I would not use it just by itself, but with the monthly Advantix (or equivalent) spot treatment.

Natural Defense Flea & Tick Repellant

We use Frontline for our dog.

I will be getting better informed about this little bast@#$$&ard.


We have ticks here from early spring until frost. If you go in the woods, it’s not if you get ticks, it’s how many you get. I keep my grass mowed short and treat my dog. Ticks like to crawl down in dead leaves to overwinter here. Keeping leaves cleaned up and burned helps a lot. I used to keep some Banty chickens that also seemed to help.

Good product, Mike. I switch every six months between Frontline and Advantix, to reduce the chance of a resistance building up in our local tick population. And Jason also gave some good advice, in reducing the favorable environment for ticks. It is an integrated approach in keeping ticks at bay, Chickens and guinea fowl will eat them, and the side benefit are eggs :slight_smile: