ID needed for flowering bush with tiny carnation like flowers?

Another mystery I can’t find answers for in google. The bushes are 6-7’ tall, bark is smooth and gray, flowers are tiny, each hanging on a stem right from the branch, resemble a little carnation.


Plant ID guessed it’s Spirea prunifolia.


Looks like it is. May I ask how did you find it? I did image search and it didn’t come up.

On Pla@ntNet, you can upload your image there and it will give you a match.
Or you can download the app on your phone to do the same. Maybe it might become your favorite app. :smile:

To me the flowers looks pretty much like this bridal wreath version

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That’s right, interesting, that I saw that name, but picture was different! It looked like any other types of Spiraea look, so I just skipped it.

Maybe some of the pictures and cultivars are mismatched. Anyone can post anything online. NC State also has some pictures.

Your cultivar’s flower shape looks similar to that of my miniature rose.


I used and copied and dropped your plant’s picture in it. It said 78% chance of that kind of spirea.

So many Spirea varieties out there.

Thanks, I just used google image search. Good to know!


You an just right click on any image and “Copy Image Link”, then paste the URL directly into Pl@ntNet. May save you 30 seconds.

Ha! It shows correct picture on search results. Until you click on detail. Then it shows a different picture, the same I found on google. Bazaar…