ID nutrition deficiency

Please help me ID what nutrient deficiency these raspberries have?

I already confirmed no aphids, no insects, on these plants
Here is what I was able to come up with so far after doing some research on this forum and online search

  • I tested the ph and it seems to be on the alkaline side → will add sulphur for long term
  • Looks like its unable to absorb iron → Foliar application of chelated iron
  • Calcium deficiency as well? --???

Thank you!

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That really looks like it could be a host of things.
Did it recently get very hot and did it possibly dry out?
Definitely some slow release sulfur is a good idea but what is the ph i know raspberries are fine up into 7.5 to 8.0 but everything will be happier a little lower and it definitely does look like a micronutrient deficiency of some kind as your lower growth looks normal if it didn’t grow in looking deformed and recently burned i would suspect drying out or just the first intense heat wave and or spray damage. Compost, kelp meal, rock dusts would all fix that eventually or you could get a chelated micronutrient to foliar spray on it would immediately help and do those sprays in the evening.

Glyphosate damage ?-?

Any herbicides used on nearby lawn?

Look like calcium deficiency in high pH.

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Looks like aphid damage to me although you’ve eliminated that as a possibility apparently. How alkaline and from whence?- it could be from sodic soil. Salt could cause that. I would let the gurus at UC Davis sort it out and recommend a cure.

@RichardRoundTree Thank you! These plants are in partial shade and soil is moist and on a drip. I went out and double checked all the new growth, definitely not burnt (sorry my pics are not clear). Ph ranges between 7.5 to 8.0. The same variety raspberry in another location is doing great and twice the size! This one is quite stunted. It did great last year with no issues…

@Hillbillyhort and @David_DeafGardening – Thank you!!! You could be right!!! My neighbor may have sprayed roundup on their side of the fence to kill the weeds there!!!
Perils of gardening in small lots :pensive: My plants look exactly like in this article which shows similar damage

@TranTX – Thank you! The link was very informative!

@alan - No, I triple checked under every curled leaf – no aphids. I am very familiar with curly plum leaf aphid and rose aphids hiding inside the leave and no aphids here for sure, you can trust me on this! Ph is 7.5-8 in this spot. Sorry, I don’t know much about salts….

I am thinking it is either Glyphosate(@Hillbillyhort ) or calcium deficiency(@TranTX )
I’ll ask my neighbors if any round up was used in the side yard - If yes, I’ll flood it with water and then apply nutrients for the deficiencies identified.


@Hillbillyhort - you were right! My neighbors confirmed they used roundup on the weeds on their side of the fence :frowning: I have requested them not to spray too close to my fence.

We have rains for next 10 days, will that flush it out? anything I can do to? Is it safe to eat the fruits from these plants?


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You could try to remove all the growth that shows the yellow. Retaining healthy leaves.
This may help to keep it from going to the root.
But it is in side the plant, and there is really nothing much that can be done.
At this point the rain will have little effect one way or the other.
Just hope it did not get a lethal Dose.
Brambles are very sensitive to glyphosate.
Just one little sprout on their side of the fence that got sprayed, could cause this.
Hopefully it will recover ,
Is it safe to eat,?
Well ?
Glyphosate has a very low acute toxicity. ( for people)
Much of our food is sprayed with it.
How safe this is is “very controversial.”
So I can not say how safe , in the long term.


I am keeping it and if it makes any fruits you know who is getting them!!! :rofl::speak_no_evil:

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The neibors …?

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:speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil: :wink:

Appreciate any help on this citrus tree…

Is this over watering / underwatering / nutrition issue? Veins are yellow. Outside of the leaf is green and inside is yellow… doesn’t match the typical nutrition deficiency ID guide above or others I searched for online…