ID this tree please!

My sister asked me if I could identify this, so I’m asking you guys!

She’s in Sherman Oaks, CA. Looks like a mulberry to me, any ideas?


I’m guessing it’s female, even though they’ve never seen the berries ripen on it. Can you take a stab at what kind it might be? Just some wild something or other?

Looks like a mulberry with little green mulberrys on it to me.

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That must have been a giant before someone cut it back in recent years!

Damn ugly Pollarding :grimacing:

Not sure if I should admit this or not…but I had to google “pollarding” just now! Across the street where I work some genius had the bright idea of cutting about 8 huge, beautiful maple trees back like that. They weren’t in the power lines and didn’t seem to be threatening any buildings, so for the life of me I can’t figure out why someone would cut a healthy, beautiful 50 foot+ tree back to 15 feet. They look like stubby lollipops now. I don’t get it. At least now if I talk to the people who did it I can sound good by throwing out words like pollarding! :slight_smile:

lol, that was my intent! Around here, it is favored by gardeners and landscapers for Mulberries. Hack them off once and the tree grows a thousand water sprouts. The only way to keep up is to hack it back every year. Guaranteed pruning jobs every year!

Self-fulfilling prophesy: the landscaper who says your mulberry needs pruning!

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Looks like white mulberry, but I cannot be sure. Definitely not red mulberry.

Around here we have a thing worse than pollarding that we call crepe murder. Instead of hacking the poles off to a knob, they just clean cut the top right off, leaving four or five crepe myrtle poles. It’s a shameful thing to do to a beautiful umbrella shaped tree!

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I always heard it called coppicing, and like you, I had to look up pollarding also…lol. I was relieved to see they mean essentially the same thing.
BTW…I see people doing that to beautiful trees all the time around here for no apparent reason. I think in a lot of cases they are lawn junkies who want a full nice lawn up under the trees. I just want to slap them…hahaha…just kidding…sort of.

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