Idea for maintaining a lot of Stewe Tree Pots

Had to organize my backyard so bought some cattle panels and some goat and sheep panels. Cattle panels are half the price of sheep panels. I put down some ground cover, some 12x12 pavers and cattle panel with some chicken wire on top, some concrete blocks and then the goat and sheep panel. It holds a lot of tree pots that are spaced out for summer growing.


That looks like a good idea. About 5 years ago I had a bunch of these and I never could figure out a cheap way to have them easily accessible, spaced out, and not in danger of falling over.


That looks great! For smaller quantities, I’ve found milk crates work well, but they’re pretty crowded if your trees are of any size. 9 of the 9.5" “mini” tree pots fit perfectly in a standard milk crate.

I’ve been using milk crates and have the same sentiment, it works pretty well but can crowd a little bit. The welded wire setup looks pretty nice

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I recently cut these long goat panels into 4 foot sections. Make it easier to handle and I can tailor the size/number of sections to what I really need.