Identifying unknown apple

The previous owners have a few apple trees planted in a far flung area of our property. I was thinking of cutting them down because when we moved in last year they seemed to be pretty unproductive and diseased, but I thought I should figure out what I was dealing with so I quickly bagged a dozen applets. I didn’t get to them before the insects mostly did, and even bagging what I thought were clean applets only ONE made it. I don’t want to remove the bag yet because it’s on a precarious thin branch I’m sure I’ll snap. As you can see, the tree is in rough shape. I don’t think it was ever pruned well and it falls in a half umbrella shape away from the shade of a big oak. *edited to add: the healthy apple is about the size of a tennis ball.

Any guesses are appreciated. I have no idea when to pick this one. I can’t imagine it’s anything rare as the owners were not very into growing and probably grabbed this from a big box store.


Not enough to base a guess on, but I can think of lots of things it’s probably NOT.
Including GrannySmith

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I kind of thought that might be the case. I’m hoping the one apple makes it to maturity.