Identifying X Disease in peaches

I had a Blushingstar Peachtree that was growing just fine (planted in May) , then a few weeks ago the leaves started to turn light green, fold up and fall off.

I have alot of wild cherry trees in the area, but according to this URL on X disease ( leaves of choke cherries have sharp pointed “teeth” on the edges. I have many tall black cherry trees around and there are alot of small cherry type trees that have smooth edged roundish leaves - no sharp pointed teeth on the edges as described in the fact sheet.

I just planted 6 new peach trees. I’d hate to have them all get what this one had. I lost 2 peach trees to X about 8 years ago on a property about 1 mile away…so I know its in the area. (I’m on the Mass/NH border north of Boston).

See the pictures below:

Thanks in advance.


I"m adding some new pictures here… I noticed that a different tree had some reddish brown spots on the leaves.

I’m now wondering if CHOKE CHERRIES in my area are different that the ones in the pictures in the info on X disease. I’ve also included a pix of one of the wild cherry leaves. SCRATCH THIS !! I’ve identified this as BUCKTHORN and not a wild cherry. I did find some Choke Cherry in the facinity…