Imidan kick-back against worms?

Due to wind, rains, and a long to-do list, I got behind the curve on my first orchard spray this year. When things settled down this week I sadly noticed quite a few hits from PC and moths. See photo. Is that CM or OFM? Same treatment for each, right? I immediately got the sprayer out and hit the trees with Imidan. Some conversations here note that Imidan has a “kick-back” property, implying that somehow the chemical can destroy the bug inside the fruit. Do I understand this properly? Does it work against both PC and moths? And does this mean that the chemical is somehow systemic in the fruit?

I think it’s pretty obvious it isn’t going to solve the damage in your picture. Maybe on worms at an earlier stage, way earlier. Hopefully they aren’t all damaged.

Alan, I was hoping you might comment on kick-back, as you introduced the concept to me. Does Imidan become systemic in the fruit? And how late is too late?


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