I’m interested in using Imidan to prevent plum curculio on my apple trees, but I don’t know if it is something thing I should wait until petal fall for the sake of the bees. I also read that carbaryl needs 30 days after petal fall or it can cause fruit drop. True of Imidan as well? I read timing is everything with plum curculio but seems like it is a delicate time to spray effective remedies.

You want to wait until petal fall to spray insecticides including imidan. I don’t believe imidan causes fruit drop. I would suggest you take a look at Alan’s synthetic spray schedule which gives a good overview of when and what to spray.

Also I am guessing you have a small amount of imidan which doesn’t have the original label. You want to read the label carefully since it has directions on when and how to spray. There is also safety information on the label and imidan does have some toxicity when it comes to humans and pets. You may want to also consider other insecticides that have lower toxicity to people and other mammals.

Here is the label for one formulation of Imidan

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It is old formula Sevin that is used for thinning apples.

I wasn’t aware of this spray schedule, which will probably answer a lot of my questions. Thanks for the help.

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On the top of your web page, you should see a symbol of 3 short line. That’s for categories we have.

Click on it, choose Guides category and choose the topic of spray amount.

Other category you may find helpful is Reference.

Like @mroot said, there are other spray options for you.


Just be aware that the schedule was developed for northeastern orchards. You may have an extra generation of PC as well as other longer lasting pressure.

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