Improvised Tags

I improvised some tags from a soda can. It is raining. Stuck inside today


What did you write on them with? Your markings look a lot clearer than the ones I did with a pencil also on aluminum cans.

I’d assume a ball point pen would give better indentations in the aluminum than a pencil would. You can push much harder without breaking the pen, unlike a pencil lead.


I am thinking about getting something like this. They have other sizes.


Pencil on aluminum, without any indentation, will last a surprisingly long time.

They work very well, albeit a bit time consuming (got mine off Amazon though). See this post for how I additionally painted them a bright color, inked in the impression, coated it all in UV resistant paint. So far so good, just under 1 year is all though…


I was thinking about using stainless ID tags attached with stainless nails.