In T bud grafting do you cover the bud and leaf stalk with parafilm?

I know not to cover the bud with rubber band but can’t remember if I need to cover the bud and leaf stalk with parafilm? I tried three persimmon T buds today. Have never gotten a T bud to take. Thanks.

I cover the bud with one or two layers of parafilm, but I think some people dispense with it altogether.

My understanding is that persimmon is among the hardest of grafting subjects, and I have never tried it.

Thanks, will check next spring to see if the leaf stalk has fallen off any of the buds.

Growing American persimmons is very rare in Maine. I am 2 miles from ocean, midcoast, zone 6a. I have a dozen American persimmons I grew from seeds J. Lehman mailed me 15 (?) yrs ago, now 20 ft tall and 3" dbh. This May I made several twig grafts of a friend’s fruiting American persimmon onto some of my seedlings, and got two “takes” on one of the males, growing well now. I want to try bud grafting this month. I see lots of info about grafting American persimmon in spring, but none for bud grafting in August, as is common for apples and stone fruit. I am new to this, but have experience grafting apples. Can someone advise me if this is a good idea, &/or direct me to some “how-to”?