In the marche today, Spring trees and berries

First of all I wanted to put this post in the lounge but there was no drop down choice for category only General Fruit Growing. So here are todays pics of Mimosa trees, blooming now, not forced, Raspberries topped with sealing wax and ready to divide and plant, and the typical camellias, azaelas and everyday spring flowers. Pretty thougth! Spring is on the way. Ordered my soils from them today, both citrus and fruit tree.


I recommended someone a Mimosa tree on this forum once… by the time it was over i had destroyed Earths ecosystems. :sunglasses:

Good to see that people are getting excited about spring…


Eh spring is not until May here. We basically run from winter into summer. No spring here really.

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weve had frosts here up into mid june.