Inchon Persimmon

Just wanted to report that my Inchon persimmon survived another zone 6 winter with no dieback. We got down to -2 this year, which wasn’t so cold. But It’s my only (supposedly) true kaki left in the ground here after about 10 other varieties died. I’m curious if others have experience with this persimmon and could comment on it in any way. Cliff says it’s a true kaki, and he’s probably right, but I’m not 100% convinced it’s not a hybrid – Just Fruits and Exotics lists it as a hybrid.


I’d trust Cliff over JFE.

I’ve always assumed “Inchon” was actually “Incheon”, named after the city in Korea where it may have originated. I could be totally wrong, but if it is, it’s almost certainly a true kaki, as it seems unlikely there’s any kaki x virginiana breeding going on in Korea.

Yeah, maybe I’ll write to JFE and ask why they think it’s a hybrid. Here’s what Cliff had to say:

Inchoen / Inchon is a true Kaki but I am a little concerned about Kasandra as I have never seen any die back on it even at -16 F here in KY. INCHON is still going strong but we have stopped the propagation of all Kakis as we will be introducing a new line of Hybrids in the very near future as some of the Late David J Lavergne and some that Jerry Switzer Lehmann that co-authored are quite impressive and will help the kakis to push in to that Zone 5 persimmon growing areas


Thanks for sharing Cliff’s wise words. Good to know!