Indoor care of Brown Turkey fig

I’m a desert rat transplanted to the lower rockies.

What do I do with the Brown Turkey fig I brought in last night to avoid the frost? I have it behind a large, sunny window.

Do I have a chance of growing it inside during the winter? I mean, keeping its leaves? If not, should l leave it outside to defoliate in relatively mild conditions and then move it to the garage?

Any special care instructions vis a vis watering and fertilization?

That option would get my vote. If you don’t allow a normal dormancy you probably won’t get much growth next summer. You might get some fruit but probably not as much as normal.

Second that.

Since it sounds like it’s something you can lug in and out, you could opt to bring it inside from the garage to sit in that sunny window some weeks before your last frost. That could give you a bit of a jump on bringing it back out of dormancy for the next growth and fruiting season.

I plan to keep in the garage. My figs have had a couple frosts. They all still have leaves, some are yellowing now, some are still green! Seem pretty hardy!

Figs need a bit of chilling,maybe 100-200 hours,enough to lose their leaves.After that,they probably could be grown inside by a window.Just be careful when bringing them outside in the Spring,that they gradually get used to the full sun,especially if the window has UV treatment,or the leaves may burn. Brady

I let mine go dormant outside and start bringing them in around thanksgiving. From there they end up in my basement in an old canning room that stays cold and dark until spring. Most years it hovers around freezing to about 10 above (freezing). As long as the spring stays cool and the kids don’t open the door, come spring they start pushing buds right before I’m really ready to have them outside full time (which is when they end up in the garage if cold nights come)

And I’m in Michigan


When do you cut fig scionwood for swapping?

I wait until February or so. I don’t want to potentially make the plants feel the need to start pushing new growth too early.


Scott when do you bring them back out?

Depends on the year. I generally start to see tip growth in April, but that is frequently early for them to be fully out. The ones which seem to be coming out of dormancy most quickly end up in the garage right around then. Gives them a bit of light and by then my canning room is staying warmer than they need to remain dormant.

Our last frost is usually in mid-May, by then anything in a pot larger than 2-3gal is out and being moved into the garage as needed.

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