Indoor tomatoes and stuff


I should have been documenting better but Ive got a few indoor grow areas set up, one closet and one tent. Ended up with warm reservoir temps and my tomatoes got root rot. I fixed the temps by moving my air pump outside the tent, where the room is much cooler. Brought the temps down from 80ish to about 68. Decided to move 3 of the plants to soil from my DWC buckets, but left the one that is still doing OK to see if I can get it to recover. Starting to add bleach 2x a week to kill off the bacteria that causes the root rot and keeping my fingers crossed.

I have another tomato in coir thats growing very fast right now also, Needs some pruning for sure tho.

Heres a pic of a happy buzz button plant next to a rosemary that doesnt grow much and a few honeyberry clones…

Here is my rubber tree that lost a bunch of leaves to frost this fall, its recovering nicely…

Anyone else have stuff going inside this winter? If so post some pictures…


My indoor herbs.



You’re tomatoes are beautifull


In Chicago,long, cold winter, I don’t think tomatoes can grow well indoor, but these can add another dimensions into winter live.


Looks good, those peppers hot?


Thai chicken feet pepper, very hot