Insect and Disease Identification Thread


Tobacco hornworm, not tomato. They both eat tomato’s, though, and look almost exactly the same. They eat solanaceous (nightshade family) plants like tobacco, tomato, eggplant, pepper, potato, and certain weeds.


Tobacco hornworm markings form slashes; Tomato hornworm markings form "V"s.


It was in weeds in my Rose of Sharon. Kill it or keep it? It did have a few worms on it that bolted…


Kill them and look through the whole plant to find more they usually come in batches of at least six on my plants. They can eat your plants in just a few days. I set some on my patio to feed the birds but the chipmunks found them first. They ate them sitting up like it was a carrot. Grouse to watch but they might look for them once learned.


What kind insect is this? Good or bad?I found it on pear leaf


Some kind of wasp, probably beneficial.


If it is over 1" then I’d say Great Black Wasp.


It is about an inch, with metallic blue color on its wing


That’s probably it, they paralyze katydids and drag them underground where their larvae eat them. Also pollinators, solitary and non aggressive but has a potent sting.


NSFW PORN, what are they, they are huge!


cicada killers, sphecius speciosus


Saw this today. I believe its Yellow-necked Caterpillar Moth (Datana ministra). They annihilated one of my blueberry bushes. The bush right next to it was untouched.




Datana ministra could be correct, although there are others in the Datana genus that look similar.


Looking up “Datana” + “Blueberry”, the most common return is Datana drexelii.
Datana drexelii


The adult moth laid eggs on the affected bush and it was enough to satisfy the caterpillars (so far). Control of any moth caterpillars involves the same products or procedures.


I sprayed them with old school liquid sevin. Wiped them out.


Call that lantern fly in. Another nasty invasive spawn o satan.


To add to Reg’s post…


Such pretty things too. Shame they are so harmful.