Insect and Disease Identification Thread


Here is a new one to me, anyone?


Baby katydid?


Good or bad?


What is wrong with my plum tree? I am having this issue on a Santa Rosa and Methley. It has been a wet and humid spring. These were planted in March, and came from Lowe’s. I know now that was a poor choice. They have holes in leaves, some turning yellow and falling off, and some new branches are turning black and shriveling. Can I do anything about it now? or wait until leaf fall?


podpiper: katydid nymph, yes. Will eat foliage and fruit but is a pest only in large numbers.


Please Help.
Problem# 1
A friend of mine retired in Florida, ( first time grow plants in Florida) his potted tomatoes and in groud tomatoes all look like having some kind of problem. Like in the picture, leafs very small , yellow , deformed.

Problem #2

Also his citrus leafs’ curl up after he spray Bayer advantage 3-in-1. He also wants to know what might be the problem??



What is this pest? I found in honey berry and some are trying to get inside the berry. Second photo is the belly. When I squished them, they are reddish which I assumed they consumed the honey berry juice?
image image


Problem #1 is a severe nutrient deficiency. Magnesium or maybe nitrogen is my guess.


What is eating my Carmine Jewel bush cherries? I sprayed with Imidan after petal fall. Thanks for ideas.


I have some weird growing leaves on a few tomato’s. Could this be tomato leaf curl virus?


Looks like 24D damage


That’s what I would’ve thought too but I have not sprayed a dang thing all year. Neither has closest neighbor.


I found this bug on unopened flower buds. I initially thought it was a PC , but the color doesn’t match the PC I know and the body seems a little bigger, not too much, just tiny bigger than PC. This bug has a green dark body color. So please help me identify this bug. Should I let it go or crush it


Another help appreciated, I saw this on my grapes newly grow branches every year, but never figure out what bug did it. I opened the infected branches trying to see if there is a worm tunneling inside but I I didn’t find any thing. Can’t image some bug just make a cut on the branches just for fun.
So would anyone tell me who might do this?


Grape cane gallmaker. Not something you’d normally treat for (in a commercial setting). Those canes will do fine this year but they’ll be prone to breaking if you bend/tie them down next year.


That’s some kind of Weevil and they are usually


Something in the assassin bug family yah? Need to build a case to skip insecticide (leaf hoppers are popping up).


One of the Leaf-Footed Bugs.


I was up in northern mich the other day and noticed shredded leaves all over the ground everywhere for many many miles we ended up stopping at one of the state parks up there and saw millions of these caterpillars. Whatever they are they are destroying the woods.


Gypsy moth caterpillars?