Insect and Disease Identification Thread


Thank you @LarryGene. I hope I can keep them out of the beans.!


So, it definitely looks like a stink bug nymph. Probably not BMSB but I could be wrong. Generally, we worry about them damaging fruit–but they are sap suckers too. My question, in sufficient number could they cause vascular or at least shoot tip damage?


I’ve got stink bug nymphs on my milkweed plants…got some good shots:


I saw this little monster when I was photographing bees and wasps on the laurel hedge. I hope my socks work. There is nothing I can do about neighbors who neglect their trees


Fruitfly, genus Rhagoletis.

Looks identical to R. pomonella, the apple maggot fruit fly.



this is a new one to my yard.


The moth that looks like a hornet? The hornet moth or hornet clearwing ( Sesia apiformis ).bb


Maybe ?
Goldenrod soldier beetle


That’s probably the


I agree with the beetle ID.


It is the soldier beetle. So is it good or bad?


Adults may be seen from July to September but are most abundant in August. They can be found in meadows, fields and in gardens. They feed primarily on pollen and nectar of flowers but may also eat small insects such as caterpillars,eggs and aphids. The flowers are also a meeting place for finding mates. They do no damage to the plants and do not bite or sting.


Yah, generally considered beneficial .
But . I do notice something that looks like their larva feeding on strawberrys / tomatoes that are on the ground.
Maybe after something else made a hole.?
Could be a case of mistaken identity ? On my part .
Not sure really? Anyone know?
Likley more good than bad , according to the literature .
I do keep a lot of goldenrod around, so I have lots of them


Goldenrod soldier beetle larvae are predatory and not fruit eaters.
^ scroll to “Food”


Seen these guys on my white lady peach tree. Photo includes damage which I also don’t know. I live in New Jersey, USA.


What color is the abdomen,any striped segments and is the head,reddish or brown and the wing casing,black?bb


This was taken a week ago and did not see any today. The head was brownish/red with black wing casings. I do not recall seeing striping however I was against the sun. The tail end of the body was narrower and more pointy.


Are you sure that flagging shoot was not the work of Oriental Fruit Moth? You can google peach flagging shoots to compare.

I’ll leave that bug for others to identify.


Does the beetle look anything like this?bb


That’s it, thanks! Good or bad though?

Thank you, mamuang. The damage they make look similar to what I have. Now to find out how to deal with them. Only 2 or 3 ends have that between the 2 peach trees I have.