Insect and Disease Identification Thread


OFM is very common issue with peaches. They damage both young shoots and fruit. OFM and plum curculio are enemy #1 and 2 for peaches. You need to get ready for them. Theu won’t go away.


The hzeidan beetle appears to have a red thorax, not a red head. And the thorax is not pure red, but has a dark patch.

Some of these beetle species have both red head and thorax, or just a red head, or just a red thorax. The Bug Lady Link shows a beetle with just a red head.

It likely is some kind of blister beetle, so pest status could be the same.


Sure looks like it.


The first hzeidan image is more akin to the diurnal (day-flying) firefly beetles. Note the orange-fringed thorax.

The beetle in the second image seems to have a different thorax/head structure and there is not enough info in the picture for me to ID.


Good call on that first one,Larry.I was seeing Fireflies,when searching,but ruled them out for some


It is the same insect in both photos. The abdomen of that firefly seems wider than what I saw and the head too big.


@mamuang do you have a strategy for dealing with OFM in peaches? I’ve been trying to come up with a plan to address these for a few years now.

@hzeidan I bet if you peal apart that dead shoot you will find a small worm was in there.


My yellow jackets trap caught quite a bit grey moth about 1~" long. It usually actives at night. I am wondering if they are good or bad for my plants? The moth is inside the bottle/trap so the picture is not clear , sorry.


My honey berry bushes are browning. What is the cause of this? Also treatment suggestions?


Honey berries do most of their growth in spring. They don’t always look great in late summer. I can’t get the photo to come up, but I would say don’t worry about it unless you are in serious drought. Oh, there comes the photo. Not to worry.


mine do the same here esp. this summer with our drought. the heat cooks the leaves. give them some water and they will bounce back next spring.


Moths eat fruit just like wasps but at night. They seem to prefer rotting fruit so I don’t mind them as much.


@moose71 thanks! I was worried that they are gone. They are in pots and I water them everyday, but they receive full sun.


@northwoodswis4 thank you!


I bought a couple Haskaps from Maxine Thompson a while ago and planted them in the ground.They grew fine for a few years.Then it seemed like overnight,one plant had necrotic leaves,like your photo,with some defoliation.
I emailed Dr.Thompson and sent some pictures,but she couldn’t say why it happened.I thought maybe someone poured poison on the plant.
But like moose wrote,things were okay the next growing


Need help to identify what is this on my fig tree. And what do do about it to get rid of them. Thanks


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Any Idea what this is before I spray it?


Insect egg masses like that are often either from noctuid moths or from true plant bugs (Hemiptera).


Saw this quite large hornet on the deck today, feeding on some oranges my wife set out for the butterfly’s . I believe it is a European hornet. image