Insect and Disease Identification Thread


Can you or anyone tell me what bugs these were, please?

Their actual sizes were very small. If they did not move, I would have thought they were a spec of dirt!!


My guess is some type of treehopper nymph. Not exactly sure which one though.


Agreed, European Hornet


Ladybug larvae! Not sure which species, but definitely ladybugs.


Well, unfortunately, they are dead now :confounded:


lol Well they could have been the invasive Asian ladybeetles, so in that case it’s probably better that they’re dead. :upside_down_face:


I often find these in / on fruit laying on the ground.
( persimmons, tomatoes, strawberries, etc.
Best match I can find is a soldier beetle larva.
But on line info says they are predators, not fruit eaters.?
These are definitely eating fruit on the ground.
Found this one and others in persimmons today.
Anyone know what they really are ?

@LarryGene ?

I put this one in the freezer for a few minutes to slow it down some
So I could get a pic.


from bugguide: " larvae are fluid-feeding predators, feed on insect eggs and larvae".

Your ID is probably correct. You may need to observe them more closely and for a longer time. Do they actually consume fruit or are they simply patrolling on fruit. Perhaps they are ingesting moisture from damaged fruit, but not actually consuming solids or not chewing a hole in undamaged fruit.


Overnight in a bowel with persimmon,shows it’s head inside fruit.
In a newly chewed hole.
This is how I often find them outside


Do you know what chewed the hole? It could well be the beetle larvae displaying undocumented or unusual behavior.