Insect Monitoring Traps

Anybody using traps to monitor insect counts?

I would like to do so but don’t know where to start.

Which insects would be the best ones to start with?

I use pheromone traps to monitor codling moth populations. You can buy the traps at big box stores- I think a two pack runs about $12 and is enough for the season for me with my one apple.

It’s addressed a little bit on this parallel thread:

Thanks. I will check out the big box store.

Sometimes your local university or ag. dept. will provide kits for you.

You can also get them at, or at least that is where I got mine for codling moth.

Once you capture a codling moth, the NEWA website is a good one to use to track things. Its got alot of info. NEWA - Apple Insects

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